The Emergency Response for All initiatives seek to increase funding for Fire and Emergency Medical services without any increase in taxes.  We will post links to documents on this page as they become available.  Click any heading to view the full document.

The Brentwood Emergency Response for All Act

Ballot title: “An Initiative to Add a New Chapter to the City of Brentwood Municipal Code Requiring the City of Brentwood to Annually Spend Additional Specified Funds for Designated Emergency Services.”

Full text of The Brentwood Emergency Response for All Act

Official Top Funders (Brentwood)

This is the listing of top funders for the East County Voters for Equal Protection committee.

Ballot Title and Summary (Brentwood)

This is the Ballot Title and a Summary of what the Measure will do, as prepared by the City Attorney for inclusion in the Voter Guide. The Ballot Title and Summary must be published prior to circulating the petition.

Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition (Brentwood)

This notice must be filed and published prior to circulating the petition, and before the Initiative reaches the ballot.

9212 Report Notes

These notes were contributed to Management Partners, the consulting firm engaged by the City of Brentwood to produce a report on the impact and effect of the Initiative.  Details regarding the 9212 Report can be found in California Elections Code Sec. 9212.

Inter-governmental Task Force Report

In 2015, because of acknowledged under-funding of public safety services in eastern Contra Costa County, an Inter-governmental Task Force was formed.   It was comprised of two City Managers, Chiefs of Staff for two County Supervisors, the firefighter union President, Vice-President, and Local Representative, two Fire Chiefs, and an ECCFPD Battalion Chief, Brian Helmick.  The Task Force published a report, and sought and received emergency funding from Brentwood, Oakley and the County.   Here is the ECCFPD Board of Directors Agenda Packet from November 2, 2015.  The Task Force Report begins on page seven.