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Who we are

East County Voters for Equal Protection is a non-partisan, grass roots, citizens’ action committee formed to address the issue of unequal funding of fire and emergency medical services existing in 249-square miles of Eastern Contra Costa County.

The group is led by Chair Bryan Scott, who also serves as Treasurer. The group’s Facebook page is

Fair Political Practices Commission # 1417914

Why We are Here

About 120,000 residents, as well as those who work and play in Eastern Contra Costa, receive services funded at an astoundingly low rate, when compared to other parts of Contra Costa County. Personal safety, public and private property and businesses are at high risk because of the inability of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District to provide adequate fire and emergency medical services to those within its jurisdiction.

The county’s Local Agency Formation Commission reports that fire and emergency medical services in East County are funded at $94 per-person, while these same services are funded at $449 and $370 per-person in Central County fire districts. (2015 figures)

ECV was formed in January, 2016, with the purpose of changing the low structural funding rate of the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District.

ECV and its leaders:

  • made over 40 formal presentations to public agencies, civic and social groups, attended and participated in over 65 meetings with elected, hired, or appointed officials, and conducted 15 public committee meetings;
  • wrote over 200 articles and opinion pieces that have been published in local periodicals, online, and in social media;
  • organized and conducted a workshop where 22 government entities, including cities, special districts, schools, as well as state and county governments, were in attendance;
  • recognized in writings by the chief executives of 12 government entities who stated, in writings, their positions in response to proposed solutions;
  • participated as special presenters in the Contra Costa Special Districts Association (CCSDA) quarterly meeting with 75 attendees;
  • presented the under-funding issue on an Internet TV talk show hosted by local real estate and financial professionals, a show which has over 4,000 viewers, and interviewed twice by Bay Area news outlets;
  • maintains mailing lists and social media websites with over 2,000 local interested parties;
  • supported, proposed and advocated for legislative funding solutions with members of the California Assembly and Senate, educating legislators and their staff to East County’s critical public safety emergency;
  • erected a billboard warning sign, paid for with public donations, calling attention to the public safety emergency, which 22,000 cars pass daily.