Save Brentwood and Oakley Lives!

Imagine: Your husband’s life is at-risk, your daughter’s health is in jeopardy. When an accident occurs your wife could die without immediate help, your son as well. Emergency response is delayed because of government‘s chronic under-funding of public safety services in Brentwood and throughout fast-growing eastern Contra Costa County.

East County Voters for Equal Protection (ECV) has launched a pair of municipal voter initiatives in the cities of Brentwood and Oakley, and the measures are called the “Emergency Response for All Initiatives.” This voter crusade’s goal is to improve public safety services funding by $8 million, without increasing the tax burden of area residents.

The money would come from the GROWTH in property and sales tax revenue to the two cities, so there would be NO NEW TAXES.

The Community needs your help three ways:

First, send money. This community effort needs your help in three ways, most importantly, contributions to pay for election filing fees, the cost of signature collection, and campaign expenses. Please use our printable mail in form or go online. Online donations may be made at:

Second, sign the petition when it becomes available. Your signature is needed to put the initiatives on the November, 2020 election ballot. Please let us know your contact information so we can contact you once signature gathering has begun. To be placed on the ballot the initiative needs 3,397 valid signatures of Brentwood registered voters, and 2,093 valid signatures of Oakley registered voters.

Third, vote “Yes” in November, 2020. The “Emergency Response for All Initiative” will add a chapter to the municipal codes of both cities, requiring the expenditure of city revenues on specified services as described in California’s Fire Protection District Law of 1987, and Health and Safety Code Section 13801.

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We Need Your Help

This community effort needs your help to pay for election filing fees, the cost of signature collection, and campaign expenses.